Elastic Liquidity

Extend your financial institution’s liquidity with full control and on your own terms.

Extend your liquidity by syndicating out up to 90% of your loan flow or rebalance your portfolio by participating in as little as 10% in other community financial institutions loans digitally, with full control and on your own terms.  

Trusted by +50 Financial Institutions

Quilo is a game changer.

Greg Judy
Senior Vice PresidentDirector of Information Technology

The process is so easy...

Nathaniel Bonnell
CEO of Citizens Bank of West Virginia

Quilo is keeping our bank relevant.

Mark G. Field
President & Chairman

Diversify Loan Assets

Set your desired portfolio Net Yield and Weighted Average Duration objectives, review and stress-test the target loan mix and, while you can adjust your objectives at any time, let Quilo Syndication Network do the rest digitally.

Reduce Concentration Risk

It’s less risky to deploy a million dollars into a thousand car loans owning a fraction of each loan than to deploy that one million in just 10 loans.

How it works

The first real-time, fully digital lending network that provides its participants with the liquidity they need to fund loans, digitally.

5 reasons to join the Quilo Network.


Go Digital

Quilo is a cloud-based, core-independent, fully digital platform that adds very little to no operational effort to your staff to implement and maintain.

Book Larger Loans with Less Risk

Quilo's Syndication Network empowers you to offer or participate in larger, longer term loans of various types with less concentration risk which smaller FIs are so exposed to.

Book More Loans

Approximately 20% of all community banks and credit unions have less than 50% of their deposits deployed in loans and struggle to acquire new borrowers. Because millions of Americans now use Google search to find lenders for every type of loan, Quilo also contracts with non-bank third parties that originate loans so you can choose to opt in to build up your loan portfolios by funding fractions of loans originated by other community banks, credit unions and third party loan originators.

Lack of Liquidity

You may have invested valuable resources and years nurturing relationships to build a successful indirect loan operation. To resolve a lack of liquidity, the last option you would want to choose would be to shut down your deal flow or send your existing base of customers away. Partnering with Quilo, you can continue to originate and fund these loans, knowing you have syndicated out as much as 90% of each loan to other participating lenders.

Diversify to Reduce Concentration and Duration Risks

From time to time, you may want or need to rebalance your loan portfolios to mitigate different concentration and duration risks. Quilo enables you to automatically execute on a daily basis, trades to buy and sell fractions of individual loans, be it by specific loan type, loan duration or based on a borrowers’ location, so that you can maximize your performance on your loan portfolios.

What about Compliance?

Quilo platform is bank-grade secure, cloud-based, core independent software as a service platform. We maintain SOC 1, SOC 2 Type II and NACHA certifications that are available upon request.