Message from the Founders

Since the OCC was created in 1868, followed by the Federal Credit Union Act in 1934, community financial institutions have been chartered to facilitate local commerce and propel wealth for American people. Today, both community banks and credit unions take pride in subscribing to their charters and serve over one hundred million Americans and millions of small businesses.

However, over the last three decades, they have been increasingly constrained by limited access to modern technology, a complex regulatory environment and lagging Core offerings. This, in turn, cripples their ability to address financial inequality for consumers and efficiently facilitate local commerce. This gap is being filled by the Big Banks and direct-to-consumer FinTechs which compoundly further accelerates the demise of community banks and credit unions as integral parts of the American financial fabric.

We launched Qoosh Technology in 2021 on a single idea - work with a variety of FinTechs, community banks and credit unions to deliver a transparently priced, secure and compliant platform that community financial institutions can leverage to offer their customers more ubiquitous and instant access to lending and investment products: and as such, promote financial equality.

We have experienced the drawbacks from many naysayers to even get to this point - from both FinTechs that are committed to replacing community banking the way it is today, and, most unexpectedly, from many community bankers in charge who seem to be ok to kick the can down the road for the next C-suite to handle. We are excited you are reading this, for it indicates that you, as a fiduciary of your institution, are not in either of these camps, but instead are interested in ensuring your institution adapts to the changing landscape in our financial industry. We appreciate your role in this transformation journey and are committed to you succeeding.

Quilo, our flagship lending and syndication platform, enables community banks and credit unions to originate, service and syndicate loans to other lending participants - digitally!

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your customers/members.

Boris Fuzayloff

Co- Founder & CEO

Don Shafer

Co- Founder & Chief Evangelist

Our Mission

"Qoosh Technologies is on a mission to enable consumers instant access to the financial products and services they want or need at a fair and honest price through a community bank or credit union to help drive the local economy and equitable prosperity."

Our mission is to tackle financial inequality by empowering community financial institutions to offer fair and transparent financial services by leveraging the most advanced, relevant and cost effective FinTech capabilities via a platform that is easy to implement and simple to manage.

Bringing the best that FinTech has to offer to community financial institutions to deliver on their mission to facilitate local commerce and individual lending
Fight inequity in financial offerings
Eliminate fine print and offer full transparency
Leverage volume pricing and pass the savings to your consumers

Our Values

As we are making decisions, whether strategic or tactical, we are always guided by a set of corporate values that help us to fulfill our mission.


Customer Commitment

Everything we do is guided by the consumer’s perspective



We know that fine print is an obstacle for consumers to engage with businesses so we are committed to being open, transparent and upfront, no hidden fees


Integrity and Quality

We will earn your trust by being open and honest in all our dealings while we pursue ways to improve the value for our customers



Acting with courage and heightened sense of ownership, we are listening and responding to our clients and the potential trends in the market



Because we don't allow a person's skin color, sexual preference, religious faith or politics have anything to do with our hiring practices, we have a diverse group of associates!   We look for the best people we can recruit to deliver what our clients and their customers expect and demand. We believe that diversity challenges the status quo which fuels innovation and generates the best outcome for our customers and shareholders.